Roles & Responsibilities

As per the Alabama Association of School Boards a school board's role and responsibility is as follows:

  • To make clear that the board's primary role is the establishment of policies.
  • To delegate to the superintendent responsibility for all administrative functions.
  • To support the superintendent fully in all decisions that conform to professional standards and board policy.
  • To hold the superintendent responsible for the administration of the school system through regular, constructive, written and oral evaluations of the superintendent's work. 
  • To provide the superintendent with a comprehensive employment contract.
  • To give the superintendent the benefit of the board's counsel in matters related to individual board members' expertise, familiarity with the local school system, and community interests.
  • To hold all board meetings with the superintendent or his/her designee present.
  • To consult with the superintendent on all matters, as they arise, that concern the school system and on which the board may take action. 
  • To develop a plan of board-superintendent communications.
  • To channel communications that require action through the superintendent and to refer all concerns, complaints, and other communication to the superintendent.
  • To take action upon the recommendation of the superintendent.
  • To provide the superintendent with sufficient administrative personnel, including the area of monitoring teaching and learning. 
  • To work with the superintendent and the community to develop a vision for the school system.
  • To work closely, where appropriate, with other governmental agencies and bodies.
  • To provide resources for and encourage quality board and staff professional development.
  • To provide for self-evaluation of the board's effectiveness.
  • To periodically review all school board policies.
  • To provide leadership to seek necessary funds for the system and to oversee system financial operations to maintain financial accountability.
  • To ensure board members understand that, under law, the school board acts as a board and that individual board members have no independent authority.

The Superintendent's role and responsibility is:

  • To serve as the board's adviser and the school system's chief executive officer.
  • To serve as the school system's educational leader.
  • To keep the board informed about school operations and programs.
  • To interpret the needs of the school system to the board.
  • To present and recommend policy options along with specific recommendations to the board when circumstances require the board to adopt new policies or revise existing policies.
  • To develop and inform the board of administrative procedures needed to implement board policy.
  • To manage the school system's day-to-day operations.
  • To evaluate personnel and keep the board informed about evaluations.
  • To develop an adequate program of school/community relations which keeps the community informed about board policies, programs and procedures.
  • To propose and institute a process for long-range and strategic planning.
  • To develop and carry out a plan to keep the total staff informed about the mission, goals and strategies of the school system.
  • To ensure that professional development opportunities are available to all school system employees.
  • To develop and implement a continuing plan for working with the news media.
  • To provide board members with information on any recommendations for school board action in advance of each board meeting, if possible. 
  • To oversee the school systems' finances and provide the board with regular reports on the school systems' financial operations.

"The Alabama Association for School Administrators and the Alabama Association of School Boards are pleased to have collaborated on a project to develop a joint understanding of the roles and responsibilities of school board members and superintendents. We believe school boards and school administrators operating within the parameters of the roles and responsibilities defined here can effectively and efficiently promote equitable learning and opportunities for all public school students. We also believe that enhanced understanding of the unique, interrelated functions of  school boards and superintendents will lead to greater student achievement, appropriately respond to calls for increased accountability and promote better understanding of, and support for, public education."

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